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First Class Electric helps brighten the nights and bring comfort to a significant number of the more than 4,000 families and more than 5,500 households that call Clark, New Jersey, home. Many of those who live there responded to a recent survey, stating that First Class Electric was their electrician of choice.

Clark, NJ Electrician

We asked our customers in Clark, both homeowners and business owners, why they prefer First Class Electric. At the top of the list was the wide spectrum of electrical services we provide and, of course, the superior quality of work they receive from our highly trained and experienced professionals. Our electricians are also flexible, adaptable and resourceful, which means there is not much we cannot do when it comes to electrical work

They also loved the fact that we are customer-friendly, that we respond in a timely manner when there is a question or concern about their electrical system. Oh yes, and the work we do is satisfaction guaranteed. We are proud to be the electrician of choice for homes and businesses in the Union County Township of Clark and we will strive to remain so.

First Class Electric Customer Service

First Class Electric not only excels at all types of electrical installations, repairs and upgrades but we also like to educate our customers about anything that could be a safety hazard with their electrical systems. The consensus of our customers is that we do a lot of things well. That includes the installation, conversion, and repair of everything from breaker boxes and electrical panels to outlets, switches, and dimmers.

Superior workmanship is behind the quality we bring to the job and we truly enjoy working with our customers and educating them on how to use their electrical systems safely by recognizing the inherent dangers that come from lack of awareness. We will make sure that switches, fixtures or any other devices are properly and safely installed, averting malfunctions.

We recognize our role as trusted guests in your home or business and we are there to do a job, and we’ll work with you so that when the job is done you will know how to safely and effectively manage any changes we bring to your electrical system.

Electrician Services

And just what are the services we bring to our customers in Clark, NJ, as their electrician? Our brand of professionalism includes being knowledgeable, honest and friendly, but our versatility shines when you consider the following services as just a sampling of what we bring to your home or business:

 - installing and repairing new circuits;

- making your home a safer one with surge protection;

- running internet and phone cables;

- installing electrical connection for furnaces and water heaters;

- installing a standby natural gas generator;

- installing transfer switches or interlock kits for your portable generator;

- improving circulation and creating a more healthful environment inside your home by installing whole-house, ceiling and attic fans,

- inspecting wiring and switches to ensure the safety of your family,

- and just about every electrical service you would expect from true and dedicated professionals