Interlock Kit Installation

Union NJ Interlock Kit Installation


A portable generator is important if you lose power to your home or business.

Interlock kits allow you to connect your portable generator to your electrical system safely eliminating any electrical risk of unsafe connection for the people living in the building and eliminating the danger of backfeed to utility power.

First Class Electric is your choice in Union County and anywhere in Central New Jersey for the safe installation of your interlock kit. We employ only the best electricians - highly qualified and with years of experience. This is why we can offer a 100% guarantee on our labor.

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Do I need an electrician?

The disadvantages of an incorrect install are numerous, and almost all of the worst case scenarios include damage far beyond the cost to install the kit, not to mention the inconvenience of not having your backup power working when you most need it. 

Can you afford for this to happen?

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the absolute best service. Our electricians come fully equipped to handle emergencies if they come up, and we give the service every home or business owner deserves.

Contact us today to ensure the safety of your home or business with a proper interlock kit installation.