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Standby Generators


Nothing is permanent, even losing electricity from power failures, but sometimes it only takes a few hours to wreak extensive damage to your home or business, possibly threatening the health and well being of people inside. A few minutes or a few hours without electricity may be just an inconvenience. You may even be able to adapt to days without power, as was the case with residents in parts of Northeastern United States during heavy storms and hurricanes over the last years. Thousands of people in New Jersey alone lost power during the early March 2018 nor’easter.

A standby generator could alleviate that threat and allow you to go on with your life virtually uninterrupted...

If you get snowed in by a blizzard, let’s say, and a power outage knocks out your furnace, those single digit or colder temperatures outside could lead to frozen pipes, which may burst, resulting in terrible damage from water and ice to your home or business. During heavy rains, a power loss means no sump pump to avert basement flooding. That food supply in your freezer or refrigerator, which might have sustained you indefinitely during severe weather, is now thawing because there is no electricity. You are hours away from not being able to feed your family.

Yes, these are extreme examples in Union, NJ, but a standby generator could make a world of difference in emergency scenarios.

At last report, power outages in the United States, notably grid outages that affect sectors populated by hundreds of thousands of people, continue to rise. Extreme weather isn’t always to blame. Culprits include an aging infrastructure or a growing population demanding more energy from the grid, a complex network or power plants and transmission lines.  Also on the horizon— and something that the U.S. government has already spent $100 million hoping to prevent— are cyber attacks aimed at leaving Americans powerless and vulnerable.

Inside Energy, a collaborative effort to inform the public of energy demands, power failures and blackouts, reported that since the turn of the millennium the number of outages has doubled every five years.

Aside from the so-called late winter Nor’easters, New Jersey has experienced its share of hurricanes in recent years. There are likely more powerful hurricanes in store for us, according the forecasters and meteorologists, and coastal winter storms seem to be on the rise.

A standby generator will make you more independent during severe weather and other causes of power failure, allowing you the time and resources to help out those around you.

There are a number of factors to consider before making the financial commitment to buy and install standby generator:

  • Where is your home or business located and how susceptible that area is to severe weather;
  • How large your house is and its demands for electricity;
  • How important it is for you NOT to lose power, such as potential for flooding or possible damages or health risks from a cold-weather outage;
  • How often you have lost power in the past and the consequences of those outages, and
  • What it means to you to continue using electricity with little or no interruption during a blackout or power outage.
Standby generators are becoming a necessity, not just a luxury, in Union, NJ and elsewhere. What are the options and why contact us at First Class Electric to help make that decision?

Their sizes or capacities are based on kilowatts and you can choose a system that will keep the essentials running, like heating and lights. Or you may prefer to power everything electrical in your house. Typically standby generators are fueled by a natural gas (NG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LP).

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