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Cranford, NJ Prefers First Class Electric as their go-to Electrician

Licensed Electrical Contractors in Cranford, NJ

First Class Electric is proud to be the preferred electrician in historic Cranford and its more than 8,200 households within a five square mile area. The community is home to a flourishing downtown business district and business parks that bring commuters into the township. At the same time many Cranford residents commute to New York City each business day.

No wonder its residential neighborhoods are regarded as stable, the quality of life is impressively high and, at the same time, it retains what the New York Times described as a "small-town ambiance.”

Why Do Cranford Customers Choose First Class Electric?

Cranford is where we are located and one of the many communities we serve in Central New Jersey. We surveyed customers in our service area, asking them why they remain loyal to First Class Electric as their electrician of choice. Here are some of the main responses:

  • the wide range of electrical services we provide
  • the quality of our work throughout that spectrum of services
  • we are easy to deal with, from the people you talk to on the phone to the certified electricians who do the work in hundreds of homes and businesses, and
  • our quick and positive response to questions and concerns

Some things we admire about Cranford.

That ambiance previously attributed to Cranford includes the appeal of the meandering Rahway River, a waterway that is responsible for the town’s nickname, "The Venice of New Jersey.” It is a place where you still see kids playing in the streets in safe neighborhoods presided over by watchful parents. There are seasonal decorations on the lampposts and unique places to shop downtown.

There are sightings of deer and other wildlife in this bedroom community of New York City. That may be due in part to Nomahegan Park, with its lure for nature lovers, wildlife and recreational opportunities such as biking paths, walking trails, picnic facilities and playing fields for soccer and softball.

Cranford Township will observe it 150th birthday, or sesquicentennial, in March of 2021. It was, in olden days, best known as a resort area where the moneyed class from the city, including business titans, would spend weeks, even months, during the summer. That is why you still see the impressive homes and mansions standing guard along the river.

Meanwhile, business continues to thrive, supporting a healthy percentage of active businesses, reflected in commercial vacancy rates in the lower single digits.

Services We Bring to Cranford Homes & Businesses

The wide range of electrical services that our customers so appreciate include:

  • Changing and installing electrical panels, electrical generators, recessed lighting, transfer switches, attic fans, ceiling fans, breaker boxes, electric baseboard heater, smoke detectors and wiring.
  • Repairs, upgrades and making homes safer and brighter are an integral part of our services.

What we do is more than just a job or a service call. It brings meaning and satisfaction to our workdays, and our electricians are committed to helping you with whatever service you request. But they don’t just do the job and leave.  They go above and beyond by making sure our customers are well informed on how to operate installed equipment and apprising them of critical safety aspects.

We do all those things— install, change, repair and upgrade— but we think it is important to make sure customers understand how their electrical system works and when to call us when it doesn’t seem to be working as it should.


The value and convenience of having great electricians on your side is what every home in the Cranford, NJ, area deserves.

—Licensed, insured, bonded electrical contractor in Cranford, NJ

—Knowledgeable, friendly, honest, professional electricians in Cranford, NJ

—100% customer satisfaction guaranteed


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