Union, NJ Electrical Service Upgrades

Service Changes & Upgrades

Installing in homes and business in Union County and throughout Central New Jersey

A service change or upgrade is more than just a change to your electrical panel. 

First Class Electric's certified electricians will replace all the main components of your electrical service, including:

  • The electrical panel and circuit breakers
  • The main feeder wires that are attached to your house
  • The feeder wire between the electrical meter and the electrical panel
  • And the meter box 


The meter itself is a owned by the utility company, so our electricians will use the existing electrical meter. 

First Class Electric's certified electricians handle electrical service changes and upgrades for homes and businesses throughout Central New Jersey. Our work is 100% guaranteed and comes with a lifetime warranty on labor. 

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Service Upgrade vs. Service Change

A service change is when we change all the components of the electrical service to handle the same capacity.

A service upgrade is when we change all the components of your electrical panel to bigger ones to handle more amps of electricity.

Service upgrades are recommended for homeowners who have done or are planning to do a renovation, as well as homes that are older and have, over the years, increased their electrical load.

If you need to upgrade to a bigger amp service, then a grounding update might also be necessary. In this case, we will install two 8-foot long grounding rods into the ground and interconnect them with the proper wire to the main electrical panel grounding bar. 

To ensure the best grounding of your electrical system, it is also necessary to have the main panel bonded together with your water main. Hot and cold water pipes must also be bonded together with a proper size wire at the water heater.