The Attic Fan

You can be a fan of FANS, too, and save money!

We are huge fans of FANS!  Using attic and whole house fans are a wise investment which will help protect your greatest investment - your house. Not only do fans make you more comfortable, they can save you money in several ways.

Many of us are unaware of the two types of fans that can be installed in your house. These are ATTIC fans, and WHOLE HOUSE fans. They have different purposes, but both will bring benefits and savings to you. Here's the scoop on these two great investments.


The Attic Fan

A "cool" way to take care of your House and your Health

Do you spend much time in your attic? Most likely, the answer is "No", especially this time of year when the temperature in your attic can reach over 100 degrees. The temperature in your attic will affect the temperature in the floor just below the attic. By keeping the attic cooler, you will keep the floor below cooler, and thus reduce the need for air conditioning. A hot attic can also affect the integrity of your roof. A cooler attic will preserve your roof longer. We can also reduce humidity in the attic with a fan. Excess humidity in the attic can cause wood rot and mold.  Mold in the attic can get into the air of your living space.

Installing an ATTIC fan will cool the air in your attic, help preserve your roof and contribute to a healthier home environment. It will save you money in air conditioning usage and potentially costly attic or roof repairs.

With the Whole House Fan, Savings are a Breeze

Warm days and cool nights -PERFECT! You can have it with a whole house fan.

A WHOLE HOUSE fan is also installed in your attic, but is designed to circulate air through out your house. The whole house fan is used when the outdoor air is cooler than the indoor air, something we've been experiencing alot these spring and summer nights. It draws cooler air from the outside into the entire house, thus cooling it down. This also helps eliminate stale air that builds up in the house as a result of windows and doors being shut tight. The WHOLE HOUSE fan will save you money in air conditioning and bring a pleasant bteeze of fresh air into your home.

More Information

Yes, Fans are a Cool Idea, so be a fan of FANS!

This is the perfect time of year to really experience the benefits of an attic and whole house fan. Take advantage of our special offer below. We are ready to install your fans, and you can be on your way to a healthier, more comfortable and cost-savings home.

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