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Welcome to First Class Electric - Your Rahway Electrician Experts!

At First Class Electric, we're here to electrify your world!   Serving the vibrant community of Rahway, NJ, we're your friendly neighborhood electrical contractors ready to light up your homes and businesses.


Why Choose First Class Electric?

Powered by Expertise

Our team comprises certified, experienced electricians passionate about jolting life into every project. From basic repairs to full-on electrical overhauls, we've got the volts for every jolt!

Safety First – Always!

We've wired safety into our DNA. Your peace of mind is our priority. Trust us to handle your electrical needs with precision, caution, and top-notch safety measures.

Shocking Service (In the Best Way)

Get ready for service that'll make your hair stand on end—in a good way! Our friendly staff ensures you're not left in the dark when it comes to your electrical queries. We're here to enlighten you!


Our Electrifying Services:

1. Sparkling Installations

  • Want to add some wattage to your space? Our installations will brighten up your home or office like never before!

2. Zappy Repairs

  • Don't let flickering lights or faulty sockets dim your day. We'll zap those issues away in no time!

3. Electrifying Upgrades

  • Time for an upgrade? Let's modernize your electrical system, making it efficient and eco-friendly.

4. Circuit-ous Consultations

  • Confused about circuits? Our experts will guide you through the electrical maze, providing clarity every step of the way.


What Our Charged-Up Customers Say

"First Class Electric brought my home to life! From the initial consultation to the final flick of the switch, their team was exceptional." - Sarah D., Rahway

"I've never had such a positive experience with an electrical company. First Class Electric truly lives up to its name!" - Mark T., Rahway


Contact Us for a Shockingly Good Time!

Ready to light up your life with First Class Electric's top-tier services? Give us a buzz at 908-325-1777 or zap us an email. Let's get your electrical journey started!


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At First Class Electric, we're wired to serve as your primary Rahway Electrician with top-quality electrical solutions and a lifetime warranty on labor! Let's illuminate your world together! ⚡✨