Licensed electrical contractors in Kenilworth, NJ


Although Kenilworth’s name comes indirectly from an ancient English castle, most of the residents of this Borough of about 8,000 are hard-working, middle-class folks and they know the value of a dollar. They also recognize a true professional. These may be the key reasons why in a recent survey many chose First Class Electric as their electrician of choice.


Nobody wants to sink dollar after dollar into the money pit of repairing or replacing the same problems in your electrical system, and that is why customers in Kenilworth really appreciate First Class Electric’s satisfaction-guaranteed policy on the work our electricians do. A Union County neighbor just a few minutes’ drive from our business office in Cranford, Kenilworth residents regard First Class Electric as a genuine local business. We are literally right there when they need us.


Great Customer Service for Kenilworth


Our customers surveyed recently in Kenilworth and elsewhere in Central New Jersey give First Class Electric high marks for the variety of electrical services we bring to homes and businesses. That impressive range of services includes the installation, repair, and conversion of just about everything electrical. It can be the step you need to transform your residence into a “smart home” with properly installed electrical switches and devices. It may be installing new circuits or running internet and phone cables.


As impressive as our range of services is to our customers, it is the quality of workmanship, no matter what the job, that makes them stand out. Our electricians are masters of all aspects of electrical service and we chalk that up to a combination of experience and superior training.

There is certainly nothing wrong with being friendly and we rank that high on what it means to be a professional. Not surprisingly, that word —friendly— was mentioned frequently by customers surveyed. We believe in communicating with our customers and care enough about them to keep them educated and informed about proper operation and maintenance of all components of the electrical systems of homes and businesses. That translates into keeping them and their households safe from malfunctions of wiring, fixtures, and switches. Educating our customers is high on our list of priorities for our customers in Kenilworth.


Licensed and Trusted Electricians


Our company is licensed and bonded and we know what to look for when inspecting electrical systems, especially older buildings where there is a greater potential of hidden perils. Remember our work is backed by a 100-percent guarantee.


The electrical services we provide, aside from those already mentioned, include installing, and changing any of the following: ceiling, attic and whole-house fans, generators, electric baseboard heating, electrical panels, recessed lighting and other lighting, transfer switches, interlock kits for portable generators, smoke detectors replacing or upgrading electrical service.


We are trusted and respected by our neighbors in Kenilworth, and we intend to keep earning that trust and respect.



Here is some work we did in this area: