TV Installations

Statistics show that on average people in America spend about 5 hours and 11 minutes per day watching television--more than one fifth of our lives. This tells us how important is to invest in the right TV set placement and positioning so you can enjoy that big part of your life in the most pleasant and comfortable way.

In earlier years a TV set was bulky and very heavy but those days are over and times have changed. Manufacturers started making flat screen TV’s which are much lighter, with better picture quality and many other great features. People started not just placing them on the tables, but also hanging them on the walls. There are two ways of doing this: you can just hang a TV on the wall with all the associated cords and wires exposed and dangling or, you can have it installed professionally with all the wires hidden in the wall and have a receptacle outlet installed right behind the TV making it look tidy and sleek. The TV can be hung on the right TV bracket for the safest support at the right height and angle. Remember, for this fifth of your lifetime having ergonomic location can help better your health and wellbeing while you enjoy your evenings with your family.

It is understandable that not every homeowner has the time or resources to do this kind of job, or even know who to call for help. They might think that they need a cable guy to run a TV cable, electrician to install a receptacle outlet, home theater professional to run signal wires, handyman to mount the bracket on the wall and hang the TV, and most likely all these professionals need to be scheduled to come at the same time, but all of them have different time scheduling windows - and it will cost much more than a TV itself, because they will need to pay each professional separately. And at the end the homeowner just gives up and sticks with an eyesore for the rest of his life.

But there is a simple solution: First Class Electric can do it all!

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