Transfer Switches

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Are you planning to connect a portable or standby generator to your home? The only safe way is with a manual or automatic transfer switch.

First Class Electric's certified electricians install both kinds of transfer switches in homes and businesses throughout Central New Jersey. Our work is 100% guaranteed and comes with a lifetime warranty on labor. 

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Do I Need a Manual or Automatic Transfer Switch?

Typically, a portable generator calls for a manual transfer switch while a standby generator works best with an automatic switch.

Manual Transfer Switches

Most folks who use a portable generator to power their home during an outage run extension cords throughout their house, creating a hazardous situation. What they don't realize is, there's a very simple solution: install a manual transfer switch.

That being said, a transfer switch must be installed by a licensed electrician, which comes at a cost. But the rewards are much greater. Once the transfer switch is installed, connecting your home to a portable generator is seamless.

Automatic Transfer Switches

If you're planning to connect a standby generator to your home, an automatic transfer switch is usually the way to go. 

During an outage, an automatic transfer switch can either power part of your home (just the most essential circuits) or the entire house. Your First Class Electric professional will look at the size of your home and your generator to determine what kind of transfer switch should be used for your application. 

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