Standby Generators

Power failure could be more than just an inconvenience. For some New Jersey homes, losing electricity could mean causing damage, decreasing safety, or no longer having peace of mind. For some homes, to lose power for a couple weeks might not be a big deal, but for some homes to lose power for couple of hours might be devastating. Basements could get flooded when there is no power to the sump pump, pipes could freeze and burst when heating stops working, and food could get damaged when a freezer or fridge is turned off.

New Jersey has weathered several hurricanes in recent years. Environmentalists warn that we could suffer even more, which may include more powerful hurricanes due to the average air temperatures rising.

Additionally, much of America's power grid is aging, and parts of it are in poor condition. These issues can lead to more frequent power loss.

Depending on where your house is built, how big the house is, or how often you lose the power and how important it is for you to not to lose power, there are many options of backing up your house with a standby generator. They come in different sizes (kilowatts) and can power from just a few essential electrical items to an entire home. Usually they run on a natural gas (NG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LP).

First Class Electric in Central New Jersey is proud to work with several well-known and excellent generator manufacturing brands, including Generac Power Systems generators and accessories.

Standby generators are becoming a necessity instead of a luxury, and more homes every year are getting equipped with one. Give First Class Electric a call today at (908) 325-1777 to speak with our experienced, friendly technicians, who can advise you on your home or business' standby generator needs.

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