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Lighting Fixture Installation

Serving homes and businesses throughout Central New Jersey


Planning to install new lights in your home or business? Avoid code violations and risk of fire with help from a certified electrician.

From recessed lighting to wall sconces, First Class Electric installs all types of lighting fixtures for homes and businesses throughout Central New Jersey. Our work is 100% guaranteed and comes with a lifetime warranty on labor. 

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Thinking About Recessed Lighting? Good Choice!

One of the most popular lighting options these days is recessed lighting, also known as high hats.

Why are so many people choosing recessed lighting? Because they provide optimal lighting distributions and controls throughout a home or business. They also make rooms look more spacious because they don't interfere with your living space.

The variety of the recessed lights is vast -- choose by size, color, design, trims, and more. Sometimes the selection can be a little overwhelming, but your electrician can help.

Depending on the application, the light fixture has to be properly selected to avoid code violations and potential risk of fire. The most popular sizes are 6-inch, 5-inch, and 4-inch for residential applications.


Pendant lighting:

Examples include chandeliers of varying shapes and sizes. We install anything between large crystal chandeliers to small pendant lights.





Surface mount:

These are also one of the most commonly used lighting fixtures in the home and business.




Wall sconces:

Wall sconces are great for creating an accent to your home and come in a variety of styles and shapes.




Flood light:

Located outside of the home to light up the yard, driveway, garden/back yard, for recreation or security.



2 x 2 feet or 2 x 4 feet are the most commonly used. We install most of these in offices, garages, basements, closets, and laundry rooms.



Track lighting:

Track lights provide flexibility to focus light on a particular area or throughout the room.

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